A 300/500 volt highly flexible cable insulated and sheathed with silicone rubber, suitable for installations requiring low ( -50c) or high ( +180c) temperature environments. Applications most suitable would be injection moulding, packaging, refrigeration, lighting assemblies, nuclear industry, furnaces, heating assemblies, medical and pharmacological industries.

Silicone rubber is resistant to UV and ozone, has a low specific weight therefore important in aerospace and shipbuilding industries. Silicone rubber is durable to a variety of chemicals and oils even at elevated temperatures, outperforming other elastomers.


Tinned copper class 5 conductor with silicone insulation, multicores twisted together with colour coded cores and green yellow CPC, sheath colour brick red. Other sheath colours available. Mechanical protection available with impregnated glass fibre braid type SiF-GL or with glass fibre tape and galvanised steel wire braid type SiHFP

Technical Data

VDE 0295 EN 60332-1-2


Nominal Voltage300/500v
Bending Radiusstatic 8 x cable diameter flexing 20 x cable diameter
Current Rating Table4F2A &B 4F3A&B
Operating Temperature Coldeststatic -50 flexing -25
Operating Temperature Hotteststatic +180 flexing +180
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