A 600/1000 Volt power cable for fixed energy supply where mechanical protection is not of primary consideration. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications in free air, ducts or direct burial, subject to regulations locally.

A cost effective solution for power and control applications with weight and termination time savings due to lack of mechanical armour.


Plain copper conductor solid, class 1, or stranded, class 2, PVC insulation colour coded, cores laid up with fully filled inner sheathing compound with black PVC sheath overall.

Technical Data

VDE 0276 pt 603 to 5 cores pt 627 7 cores and above. IEC 60502-1

Guide to Symbols

Temperature Hottest
Temperature Coldest
Nominal Voltage Bending Radius Current RatingTable Mechanical Protection Ultra VioletResistant Water Resistant LowSmoke
Zero Halogen
Abrasion Resistant 0zone
Chemical Resistant


Nominal Voltage
600 - 1000V
Bending Radius
15 times O/D single core // 12 times O/D multi core
Operating Temperature Coldest
Operating Temperature Hottest