A 450/750 volt elastomeric insulated and sheathed flexible trailing cable in single core and multicore. The mechanical and chemical characteristics of the rubber compound provides good abrasion resistance and the ability to withstand many oils and chemicals. The construction and performance enables the product to be used in arduous and low temperature conditions.

Single core and large cross section multicore cables are used for energy distribution for both temporary and fixed applications.


Plain copper class 5 conductor ethylene propylene rubber (EPR) insulation with HAR colour code designation. Cores twisted together with polychloroprene ( PCP) black sheath overall.

Guide to Symbols

Temperature Hottest
Temperature Coldest
Nominal Voltage Bending Radius Current RatingTable Mechanical Protection Ultra VioletResistant Water Resistant LowSmoke
Zero Halogen
Abrasion Resistant 0zone
Chemical Resistant


Nominal Voltage
450/750 v 1kv for fixed installation
Bending Radius
cable diameter less than 25mm 6 x cable diameter greater than 25mm 8 x
Current Rating Table
4F1A 4F1B
Operating Temperature Coldest
Operating Temperature Hottest