A 300/500 Volt fire survival cable approved for use on fire detection, alarm and emergency lighting circuits. The enhanced properties of the materials and construction enable circuit integrity for 120 minutes in fire, water and mechanical impact conditions. The cable meets the test requirements for enhanced applications detailed in test procedures BS 5839-1 BS 8434-2 and BS EN 50200 class 120.


Plain copper conductor class 1 or 2, enhanced cross linked impact resistant insulation, colour coded cores with equal tinned uninsulated circuit protective conductor (CPC). Longitudinally applied aluminium tape screen, in contact with the CPC, and to the low smoke zero halogen (LS0H) sheath for easy termination available in red or white.

Technical Data

BS 6387 CWZ // BS 7629-1 // BS EN 50200 Class PH120 // BS 8434-2 // BS 5839-1 // BS 5839-8 // BS 55266-1

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Nominal Voltage Bending Radius Current RatingTable Mechanical Protection Ultra VioletResistant Water Resistant LowSmoke
Zero Halogen
Abrasion Resistant 0zone
Chemical Resistant