A  300/500 volt ( 0.75 and 1.00mm) and  450/750 volt( 1.5-70mm) PVC insulated and PVC sheathed flexible flat cable suitable for energy transmission and control applications. Ideal for use on conveyor and festoon systems and on handling equipment. The lightweight flat profile gives opportunity for installation in confined spaces and tight bending radii.

The cable is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications offering good durability at low temperatures.


Plain copper class 5 conductor with PVC insulation, colour coded cores to 5 core , 6 cores and above number coded with green yellow CPC. Threads are placed in each group or cores in order to effect stripping of outer sheath.

Technical Data

BS EN 50214 HD 359 S2 IEC 60227 part 6

Guide to Symbols

Temperature Hottest
Temperature Coldest
Nominal Voltage Bending Radius Current RatingTable Mechanical Protection Ultra VioletResistant Water Resistant LowSmoke
Zero Halogen
Abrasion Resistant 0zone
Chemical Resistant


Nominal Voltage
300/500v 0.75 and 1.00mm cross sections 450/750 1.5mm and above
Bending Radius
10 x cable thickness
Current Rating Table
4F3A 4F3B
Operating Temperature Coldest
static -35 flexing -20
Operating Temperature Hottest
static +70 flexing +60