A 600/1000 volt flexible energy transmission or control cable for use on cranes, hoists, conveyors or any industrial reeling and unreeling application. Resistant to mechanical abrasion, low and high temperatures, arduous weather conditions and UV.

The torsion protecting textile braid reduces stresses during flexing, preventing kinking and twisting of the cores. The lay length of the cores is short, facilitating flexing.

The construction is available in differing voltage categories.


Tinned copper class 5 conductor with ethylene propylene rubber ( EPR) insulation coloured cores to 5 core, 6 cores and above number coded with green yellow CPC. Cores twisted together with a short lay length, elastomeric inner sheath over cores , textile braid anti torsion unit, black neoprene sheath overall.

Technical Data

VDE 0250-602


Nominal Voltage600/1000v
Bending Radiusup to 20mm diameter 8 x O/D 20mm above 12.5 x O/D
Operating Temperature Coldeststatic -40 flexing -20
Operating Temperature Hotteststatic +80 flexing +80
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