A 300/500 volt PVC insulated and sheathed flexible cable with galvanised steel wire braiding providing mechanical protection.
A wide range of core configurations and conductor sizes enables the SY construction to be versatile for energy distribution and control applications, where mechanical protection is a consideration.


Plain copper class 5 conductor with PVC insulation, number coded, or colour coded, with green/yellow CPC. Inner sheath of PVC with a galvanised steel wire braid and transparent PVC overall.

Technical Data

Generally to VDE 0250 BS EN 50525-1 BS EN 50525-2-51 BS EN 50525-2-11


Nominal Voltage300/500v
Bending Radius10 times overall diameter (Static) 20 times overall diameter (Flexing)
Current Rating Table4F3A & 4F3B
Operating Temperature Coldeststatic -40 flexing -5
Operating Temperature Hotteststatic +80 flexing +70
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