A 600/1000 Volt industrial energy distribution and control cable for use in public buildings where circuit integrity for critical systems in the event of fire is of paramount importance. The cable is designed to perform during fire and mechanical impact conditions for 120 minutes, enabling public evacuation and maintaining critical circuits for life safety and fire fi ghting systems.


Plain copper conductor class 2 circular to 35mm, shaped conductor 50-400mm. Conductors are taped with mica glass and insulated with XLPE (cross linked polyethylene) harmonised colour coding. Binder layer of polyester tape and inner sheath of zero halogen compound. Single layer of galvanised steel wires, zero halogen thermoplastic reduced fl ame propagation sheath overall Black.

Technical Data

BS 7846 F120 // BS 8519 Cat 1,2,3 // BS 8491 30/60/120


Nominal Voltage600 – 1000V
Bending Radius6 times O/D circular conductor // 8 times O/D shaped conductor
Operating Temperature Coldest-40ºC
Operating Temperature Hottest+90ºC
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