A 300/500 Volt fixed wiring fire detection and alarm cable and other essential circuits for “standard” fire condition performance. Also used for emergency/ escape lighting and voice communication. The cable is designed to perform during fire, mechanical impact and water conditions in environments, for a prescribed period, where public safety is of paramount importance, enabling evacuation and maintaining critical circuits.


Plain copper conductor class 1 or 2, cross linked impact resistant insulation, colour coded cores with an un-insulated tinned circuit protective conductor (CPC). The screening is a longitudinally applied laminated aluminium tape, in contact with the CPC, and bonded to the sheath for easy removal. The sheath is of zero halogen compound available in red, white or black.

Technical Data

BS 5839-1 BS 8434-1 BS 7629-1 BS 6387 category CWZ


Nominal Voltage300 – 500V
Bending Radius6 times O/D
Operating Temperature Coldest-20ºC
Operating Temperature Hottest+70ºC
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