A flexible flat rubber cable for use in applications, indoor or outdoor, with high mechanical stresses, such as crane, festoon, conveyor or handling systems. The elastomeric compound demonstrates excellent abrasion resistance, can withstand extremely arduous conditions and is resistant to many chemicals and oils.


Plain or tinned copper class 5 or 6 conductor with ethylene propylene rubber( EPR) insulation, colour coded to 5 cores , 6 cores and above number coded with green yellow CPC. Cores laid parallel with a heavy duty polychloroprene ( PCP) or chlorosulphonated polyethylene (CSP) sheath overall.

Technical Data

VDE 0250-809


Nominal Voltage300/500v
Bending Radius4 x cable thickness to 12mm ,5 x cable thickness above 12mm
Operating Temperature Coldeststatic -50 flexing -35
Operating Temperature Hotteststatic +80 flexing +8-
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