A 600/1000 Volt PVC sheathed energy distribution cable with steel wire mechanical protection, for use on fixed installations in industrial environments. The cable may be installed in air, on tray, clipped direct to surface or directly buried in the ground.

Armoured cables are durable and weather resistant, available in a range of core configurations, cross sections and voltage categories.


Plain stranded copper conductor with cross linked polyethylene (XLPE) insulation, cores laid up, PVC extruded inner sheath, a single layer of galvanised steel wire (aluminium wires for single cores) and PVC sheathed black overall.


Nominal Voltage600/1000V
Bending Radius6 times O/D circular conductors // 8 times O/D shaped conductors
Operating Temperature Coldest-15ºC
Operating Temperature Hottest+90ºC
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